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If you are looking for tailor-made private lessons, you have come to the right place!

Times, place, days, duration and program are all flexible according to your needs and desires.

Whether you want to improve your skills or just want to learn, we can work on whatever you want.

From perspective drawing, to shadows and lights, through still lifes, portraits, animals, landscapes or even customized Posca sneakers, I can offer you a personalized program.

I am committed to giving the best of myself to provide you with the knowledge necessary to master the pencil,

an essential tool for any artistic creation!

Courses can be paid directly online. Once the reservation is made, I will contact you to schedule the lesson times.

Please note that classes are offeredONLY AT YOUR HOMEand are age appropriate

(minimum 10 years).

Feel free to contact me for more information.


"Thank you Karim  for the time that was devoted to Diane during these courses and for all the valuable advice that was given to her. She benefited from attentive listening and a real pedagogy provided by a pro who knew how to adapt and personalize her sessions. I really recommend to all those who are tempted to discover or wish to improve in artistic practice." MAMA DE DIANE

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