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SIRET number:810 084 426 00016

APE: 9003A

MDA No.: B890881

Created by Karim BENCHEBRA
duly authorized for the purposes hereof.
The company can be reached by e-mail: or by telephone: 0625151438
Hereafter Karim BENCHEBRA

And the natural or legal person purchasing works or services from the company,
hereafter, the buyer
On the other hand,

It was explained and agreed as follows:



The Seller is a publisher of online course and coaching services for consumers, in particular artist authors or people wishing to become one. These services are marketed through this The list and description of the works and services offered by Karim Benchebra can be consulted on the aforementioned site.

Article 1: Purpose and general provisions

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTC) determine the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the online sale of services offered by Karim Benchebra. They govern the sale of services, made through the, and are an integral part of the contract between the buyer and Karim Benchebra. They are fully opposable to the buyer who accepted them before placing an order.

Karim Benchebra reserves the right to modify these at any time by publishing a new version on its website. The GCS then applicable are those in force on the date of payment (or the first payment in the event of multiple payments) of the order. These T&Cs can be viewed on the website:égales

Karim Benchebra also ensures that their acceptance is clear and unreserved by setting up a checkbox and a validation click. The Customer declares to have read all of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, and, where applicable, the Special Terms and Conditions of Sale related to a work or service, and to accept them without restriction or reservation.

The customer acknowledges that he has received the necessary advice and information to ensure that the offer meets his needs. The customer declares to be able to legally contract under French law or validly represent the natural or legal person for whom he is committing.

Unless proven otherwise, the information recorded by Karim Benchebra constitutes proof of all transactions.

Article 2: Price, Terms of Payment and Security

The prices of the works sold through the website are indicated in Euros net of VAT (Art. 293B of the CGI) and precisely determined on the pages of descriptions of the works. They are also indicated in euros on the order page for the works.

For all works or prints shipped, the price of the shipment, as well as customs fees or other costs outside the price displayed on the Karim Benchebra website is the responsibility of the buyer. Customs duties or other local taxes or import duties or state taxes may be payable in certain cases. These rights and sums are not the responsibility of Karim Benchebra. They will be the responsibility of the buyer and are his responsibility. All shipments are carefully packaged by Karim Benchebra, any damage during the journey is not the responsibility of the artist, he gives himself the right to decline any responsibility for transport.

Karim Benchebra reserves the right to modify its prices at any time for the future. Where applicable also the delivery costs. Karim Benchebra fully owns the copyright on all his works, including those sold. They are fully protected against reproduction intended for sale and holds the right to sue the seller in the event of unauthorized sale by the said seller. A contract will be signed beforehand to authorize a resale of which Karim Benchebra, alone, will set his conditions.

Article 3: Method of purchase, conclusion of the online contract

In accordance with the provisions of article 1127-1 of the Civil Code, the customer must follow a series of steps to conclude the contract electronically in order to be able to place his order:

  • Information on the essential characteristics of the work or the services offered

  • Choice of work or services, if applicable, of its options

  • Indication of the customer's essential contact details (identification, e-mail, address, etc.);

  • Acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale

  • Verification of the elements of the order (double click formality) and, if necessary, correction of errors. Before proceeding with his confirmation, Karim Benchebra has the possibility of checking the details of his order, its price, and of correcting any errors, or canceling his order. Confirmation of the order will constitute the formation of this contract.

  • Then, followed by instructions for payment, payment for services or works, then delivery of the order. The customer will receive confirmation by e-mail of the payment of the order, as well as an acknowledgment of receipt of the order confirming it.

The customer will have during his ordering process the possibility of identifying any errors made in the entry of data and of correcting them. The language proposed for the conclusion of the contract is the French language.

The terms of the offer are sent by e-mail to the buyer when ordering and archived on the Karim Benchebra website.

The archiving of communications, of the order, of the details of the order, as well as of the invoices is carried out on a reliable and durable medium, so as to constitute a faithful and durable copy in accordance with the provisions of article 1360 of the Civil Code. This information can be produced as proof of the contract.

The delivery of the order is made by e-mail, to the address of the buyer mentioned when entering the order form. For the purposes of proper completion of the order, the customer agrees to provide truthful identification. Karim Benchebra reserves the right to refuse the order, for example for any abnormal request, made in bad faith or for any legitimate reason.

Article 4: Payment

The customer makes his payment online, through the service providers Stripe, a very reputable leading company in the field of online payment or by bank transfer for the purchase of original works.

The transmitted information is encrypted by software and cannot be read during transport on the network. Any guarantee as to the security of this system is entirely the responsibility of Stripe, which has proven itself and supports millions of secure payments every day.

Karim Benchebra reserves the right to modify its prices at any time without notice, the services will nevertheless be invoiced on the basis of the prices in force at the time of the order.

Any order will only be processed upon effective receipt of payment, and Karim Benchebra only undertakes to process the order from that date.

Article 5: Guarantee and Reimbursement

In accordance with the provisions of Article L.121-21-8 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal does not apply to the supply of digital content not supplied on a material medium, the execution of which began after express prior consent of the consumer and express waiver of his right of withdrawal. Karim Benchebra's e-learning courses are therefore not affected by the withdrawal period.

No refund request is due on the sale of services, or the sale of works.

Article 6: Liability

Karim Benchebra does not guarantee that the services will operate without interruption or operating error. Access to the site may be interrupted due to maintenance, updates or technical improvements. However, Karim Benchebra undertakes to implement all the means at its disposal to provide the services covered by these general conditions.

Karim Benchebra cannot also be held responsible for non-functioning, impossibility of access, or poor conditions of use of the site attributable to unsuitable equipment, internal malfunctions of the access provider of the user, the congestion of the Internet network, and for all other reasons external to Karim Benchebra.

Article 7: Terms of delivery

Access to digital courses will be via the secure Youtube platform. You You will be able to access it at any time and view your course videos with a link available for each service.

Karim Benchebra asks you to keep them private.

In case of difficulty accessing your order, contact customer support at

Each buyer guarantees that the data he communicates is exact, sincere and in conformity with reality. Any missing information is likely to delay the validation of the order and Karim Benchebra cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any erroneous or misleading information communicated.

Article 8: Protection of personal data

By adhering to these general conditions of sale, the customer acknowledges having read our personal data protection policy (privacy policy). The information communicated to Karim Benchebra allows him to execute and process orders in a secure manner.

In accordance with Regulation 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data (RGPD), Karim Benchebra sets up a processing of personal data whose purpose is the sale and delivery of works and services defined in this contract. The customer has the right to access and rectify information concerning him, which he can exercise by e-mail:

The information communicated concerning the client will not be processed for any other purpose than for the execution of the work ordered, nor transferred to third parties (organizations, persons or external companies or groups)

Article 9: Intellectual property

The entire content of Karim Benchebra's sites is protected by intellectual property law. The customer agrees not to modify, reproduce, copy, republish, download, put online, transmit, sell or distribute in any way whatsoever the content of Karim Benchebra's sites, without written authorization from the latter. Otherwise, the buyer is liable to legal action.

The customer also agrees not to transmit his access codes or digital files from Karim Benchebra to anyone other than himself.

Article 10: Right of reservation

Karim Benchebra reserves the right to refuse to honor an order from a customer with whom a payment dispute is in progress.

Karim Benchebra reserves the right to refuse to provide coaching if we believe that the requests for advice are not within his area of expertise.

Karim Benchebra reserves the right to refuse to perform another coaching with a client who has requested reimbursement for a previous coaching. If a client is not satisfied with the service, there is no reason to start another coaching session.

Article 11: Applicable law and clauses

All the clauses appearing in these general conditions of sale, as well as all the purchase and sale operations referred to therein, will be subject to French law.

The nullity of a contractual clause does not entail the nullity of these general conditions of sale.

Article 12: Force majeure

The performance of the seller's obligations hereunder is suspended in the event of the occurrence of a fortuitous event or force majeure which would prevent its performance. Karim Benchebra will notify the client of the occurrence of such an event as soon as possible.

Article 13: Nullity and modification of the contract

If one of the stipulations of this contract were cancelled, this nullity would not entail the nullity of the other stipulations which will remain in force between the parties. Any contractual modification is valid only after a written and signed agreement of the parties.

Last modification of the T&Cs: February 17, 2022

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