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When drawing is committed to changing the world

Since the age of six, drawing has been much more than a mere passion in my life. It's as if a mysterious force took hold of me at the tender age of six, and that force has never let go since. My early days as an artist were like the opening chapters of a grand saga, where each pencil stroke became a thread woven into the fabric of my existence. My creations were not merely drawings; they were gateways to worlds that only I could create.

Through my art, I told stories that intertwined with the lives of the monochrome heroes populating the pages of my favorite comics and the gripping serials that danced across my television screen. My tools were simple - pencils and sheets of paper - yet they allowed me to breathe life into extraordinary universes.

It was with the graphite pencil that I felt most attuned. The gentleness of its stroke, the way it glided effortlessly on paper, creating subtle nuances with each motion, all fascinated me. The simplicity of this tool contrasted with the depth of what I sought to express. It was as if each line drawn carried a piece of my soul, a piece of those narratives yearning to escape from within me.

But what captivated me above all was precision. Every line drawn with care, every detail meticulously executed, was a silent yet powerful statement. Each artwork was an act of dedication, an investment in the message I wanted to convey. Through art, I found a voice to discuss the issues that formed the fabric of our ever-changing world. A voice to inspire reflection, to incite action.

The themes of my creations were as vast as the palette of human emotions. From radiant joy to deep sorrow, from boundless love to seething anger, my creations mirrored the richness of the human experience. Black and white, to me, was far more than an absence of color - it was a deliberate choice. It was a means to capture the essence of these emotions, to freeze them in time for others to contemplate and connect with in a novel way.

I firmly believe that art is one of the most potent tools at our disposal. Each of us, regardless of our place in this vast world, holds the power to leave an indelible mark. Art is my way of leaving my imprint, of leaving a trace of my passage on this magnificent Earth. It's my way of contributing, of leaving a legacy that transcends the boundaries of my own existence.

So, I continue to draw, to explore new horizons, to seek out new stories to tell. My pencil is my vessel, sailing the seas of imagination, always searching to create something that will resonate in the hearts of those who behold it. Each line is a new adventure, each drawing a fresh page in the book of my life, and I eagerly await to discover what stories lie around the next corner.

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