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Learn to draw from home with my online drawing lessons!

You want to learn to draw, but you don't have the time or the opportunity to go to a drawing school? I have the solution for you ! Sign up for my online drawing lessons and learn to draw from home, at your own pace.


I will teach you my most advanced drawing techniques, from the basics to the most complex techniques. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, my lessons are suitable for all levels and all drawing styles.

By joining my online drawing lessons, you will have access to lesson videos, practical exercises, reviews of your drawings and personalized feedback from the artist.

Please note that these are digital files that are directly sent via email.

Don't wait any longer to become an accomplished artist! 


These online course packs teach you how to draw realistic drawings. You will have access to videos where I show and explain my techniques. Additional instructions accompany each video. You can draw with me, pause or speed up the videos. I will also be available, during and after your creations to advise you in addition to the explanatory videos. My drawing packs come in several levels of difficulty, suitable for everyone, even if you are not a regular at drawing.

Several hours of videos

Unlimited videos available

List of required materials

Detailed instructions in .pdf*

Mistakes to avoid

Reference photos in HD

Several levels of difficulty

*electronic file sent by email readable on all media.

Discovery pack box vol1.jpg

50 €

box design portrait.jpg

60 €

Blurry pack and fruit copy.jpg

40 €


logo blanc.jpg

Danielle, portrait pack

"Having taken your online courses during the entire period of confinement and after, I have very good memories of it, of the professionalism and great teaching qualities...

Your lessons are adapted to our needs, give us confidence and we can only progress...Thank you for everything.".


Seb, portrait pack

 "...I liked the fact that you wanted to not only explain but also make sure that the student understands by explaining in several possible ways.

Your sympathy is also noticeable, which makes the video enjoyable and easy to watch." 


Stephanie, portrait pack

"...I can't attend your adult classes due to my working hours and this solution is great...thank you for following  up after purchasing the pack it's cool!"

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